Let me take a photo before I eat that

I recently delved in to the eating disorder community on Instagram. It’s a complex and confusing world, where one careless tap can leave you falling into a place you really never wanted to be. Many of you may be aware of the ‘pro-ana’ sites and accounts scattered around the internet and unfortunately they seem to be oozing and spreading so nowhere is safe. However, it’s … Continue reading Let me take a photo before I eat that

Ashamed to be a Feminist.

FEMINISM A word which can create arguments in the calmest situations. What is it? Why is it important? Who are these feminists? When did this all start? Is it REALLY an issue? The modern feminist movement frustrates me. There is a complete misunderstanding that exists throughout both the male and female population. In my humble opinion: Feminism = Equality of men and women Feminism is … Continue reading Ashamed to be a Feminist.


“Spillage is lickage” “Eating’s cheating” Just a few of the many phrases which you’ll come to know and love (well probably hate actually) Whether you’re excited, terrified, indifferent, confused, nervous or full of dread, freshers is going to occur if you’re going to uni and there’s nothing you can do about it. You will learn that freshers isn’t merely a week, oh no, it is … Continue reading DOWN IT FRESHER

“How are you?”

“Yeah good thanks, you?” “Not bad thanks!” Conversation sounding familiar? Unsurprising. It’s a common greeting and unfortunately that is what it has become, merely another way of saying hello. Nobody seems to actually consider the question that they’ve just been asked. How are you? Are you actually “good” or “fine”? I can’t count the number of times I’ve answered this question without thinking. I don’t … Continue reading “How are you?”

How to have the perfect morning…

I see blog posts, magazine articles and pinterest boards dedicated to this topic and it’s one of my major pet peeves. The tips and tricks may work for some (a minority I must assume due to my naturally pessimistic nature) yet I cannot help but find them absurd. Some of these little ‘hacks’ which keep popping up include: 1) Set your alarm ten minutes early. … Continue reading How to have the perfect morning…

61% of students do not feel prepared for university*

I was most definitely part of that 61%. In fact, the other 39% are just strange. How can they be prepared for such a massive change in lifestyle?! This little post aims to cover some of the essentials to get buying for university….. Because material goods are much easier to sort out than your unstable mental state. 1) Tea and coffee. An excellent way to … Continue reading 61% of students do not feel prepared for university*