Is Anybody Listening

So this post is about religion….
But before you stop reading please hear me out! This is not a post to preach, it’s just a little insight to some of my ruminations….. Continue reading Is Anybody Listening


When Disaster Strikes

Coping mechanisms are something we all use, whether that be with an awareness or not. And the possibilities are endless, with no two people relying on the exact same techniques. Moreover, most people use an array of ways depending on their mood, the situation, their aim….. There are a plethora of ways that we can use to help us deal with difficult times. Exercise Alcohol … Continue reading When Disaster Strikes

Teach me how to be you.

Long Legs Tanned skin Perfect wardrobe Flawless make up Packed social life Busy work life Gorgeous best friends Not a worry in the world A picture painted by so many celebrities in our society. Is it achievable? I don’t know, maybe for some, but unfortunately, definitely not for me. I spend hours scrolling through instagram, green with envy over the beautiful girls still looking immaculate … Continue reading Teach me how to be you.

Let me take a photo before I eat that

I recently delved in to the eating disorder community on Instagram. It’s a complex and confusing world, where one careless tap can leave you falling into a place you really never wanted to be. Many of you may be aware of the ‘pro-ana’ sites and accounts scattered around the internet and unfortunately they seem to be oozing and spreading so nowhere is safe. However, it’s … Continue reading Let me take a photo before I eat that