But I don’t want to study

With exam season in full swing, I think it’s about time I have a little chat about revision and how I manage (well sometimes manage) to revise stuff that makes my brain wants to fall out my ear, with minimal breakdowns or manic episodes. Continue reading But I don’t want to study


When Disaster Strikes

Coping mechanisms are something we all use, whether that be with an awareness or not. And the possibilities are endless, with no two people relying on the exact same techniques. Moreover, most people use an array of ways depending on their mood, the situation, their aim….. There are a plethora of ways that we can use to help us deal with difficult times. Exercise Alcohol … Continue reading When Disaster Strikes

How to have the perfect morning…

I see blog posts, magazine articles and pinterest boards dedicated to this topic and it’s one of my major pet peeves. The tips and tricks may work for some (a minority I must assume due to my naturally pessimistic nature) yet I cannot help but find them absurd. Some of these little ‘hacks’ which keep popping up include: 1) Set your alarm ten minutes early. … Continue reading How to have the perfect morning…

Lessons from 1 year of adulting

So, I have officially completed my first year of university (well provided I pass….But that’s a whole other blog post….) and now it’s time to pack up everything I’ve accumulated, which is almost double what I came with oops, and go home for the summer! I don’t even know where to begin – with regards to both packing and reflecting on the past nine months … Continue reading Lessons from 1 year of adulting