What Really Matters

So I haven’t blogged for a while, things have been a little hectic… But here’s a short one while I get back on track with some more regular posting (hopefully!)

I’ve had quite a lot going on in terms of university and personal stuff, but it’s made me have to consider what’s actually important to me, and what I need to prioritize in my life. I know that sounds really cliche, but it’s only once you risk losing something that you realise how much you want it. That could be goal, a person, an event or even just an object.

I’ve realised how much I value certain things in my life right now, including….
My education – I love my course, and I actually enjoy learning
My friends – I’ve met some real good eggs who I’m pretty sure I can count on
My health – We only have one body, it’s essential we look after it
My family – Somehow they’ve put up with me for over 21 years
My independence – I can wash & dress myself, move around, not everyone is this lucky

I know they’re really general things, but I think it’s easy to forget how important they are. For example, my two weeks on hospital placement, I’ve seen so many patients who are ill and can’t look after themselves at all. I am terrified of being completely reliant on another person to wash, dress and feed me. And of being so poorly I can’t even walk myself to the bathroom. Yes, this is obviously one extreme, but it happens, and it can happen to ANYONE, regardless of age. If you haven’t appreciated your friends and family enough, you might find yourself all alone when you’re not well.

Take a bit of time to re evaluate what’s important to you, and focus your life around spending time looking after these things.


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