Selfish OR Sensible?


I know this is something a lot of people struggle with. Maybe not everyone, but certainly the majority of people will have heir own struggles at some point in life.

And these intrusive thoughts or struggles are not necessarily noticeable, or limiting, but neither are they constructive to a healthy happy life.

I have friends who seem self assured, yet they cannot justify spending any money on themselves, even if it’s a few pounds on a skirt that they love – that’s been moved to the sale?! I know people who appear confident, but battle with taking time out to paint their nails, or use a special body butter.

Self love (and self hatred) comes in all shapes and sizes, and I feel there’s a misconception over what it actually involves. There’s an assumption that it’s all about spending money and being constantly indulgent, but that isn’t always possible (hello student budget). Of course buying yourself that new pair of jeans is a form of loving yourself, because you’re treating yourself to something you wanted! But equally, lying in bed an extra five minutes is showing yourself compassion. Sure, it may not seem like much, the jeans will last you a lot longer than five minutes in bed, but you’ll maybe feel a little brighter for the rest of the day after a little extra rest. Not to mention the fact, it’s a much more sustainable way to be kind to yourself. I don’t think there are many of us who could afford to buy ourselves a little present every day…..

But will that little spark of happiness from such a small action of extra sleep eventually wear off? Maybe, but if it does, you just have to find a new way of incorporating that little nugget of self love into your day. It’s not easy, our lifestyles mean that we’re constantly on the go. And if we do try to take time, we fear being labelled as lazy, selfish and unsuccessful. If we spend a little money on ourselves, we’re identified as egotistical, gluttonous and vain. It’s as if all the adjectives associated with self love are negative. It’s about time we started seeing actions of self kindness on par with acts of kindness to others! These deeds are in fact, charitable, brave, sensible, HEALTHY.
Let’s change the preconceptions.

Time to be kind to everyone, but first and foremost, yourself.

Use your favourite body wash.
Light a candle.
Spend an extra five minutes on your hair.
Put your pyjamas on early.
Buy yourself a coffee.
Cook yourself a delicious dinner.
Go to bed fifteen minutes early.
Give yourself a compliment. 
Buy yourself a little succulent for your desk.
Use a luxurious hand cream. 
Wear your favourite outfit.

Because I like cocktails, my favourite brekkie is baked eggs and i enjoy running round like an idiot…..

You deserve it. It’s normal. It’s constructive. It’s ESSENTIAL.

Let me know what you do to look after yourself, no matter how big or small.


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