New Year, SAME you?

The whole concept of New Year’s Resolutions really frustrates me and I know I’m not alone in this.

The idea that a new year is required on order for you to make changes to your life is just stupid. What’s the difference between the 1st January and March 13th? If you really want to alter your life, you can do it any day.
In addition, it encourages us to look at things that are bad about our lives, things we want to change. And these things are almost always based on society’s idea of how we should be living. Whether that be, eating healthier, going to the gym, giving up alcohol…. These lifestyle choices will not work for everyone! A huge proportion of our population will not enjoy going to the gym, or will miss out on their only social time if they commit to those late night study sessions that they think will make them successful.
And the pressure is huge – especially with the ever growing involvement of social media, and the need to publish every new goal and it’s results. (I’ve written a whole post about some of the negative side effects of social media here….)

So this year, I have a new plan. Instead of analyzing everything I want to change about my life, I’m going to think about what has gone well in 2016, and make a pledge to try and continue with those actions.
It will force me to both acknowledge my achievements from the past twelve months, as well as allow the formulation of REALISTIC goals, which I KNOW will make me happy. Because setting out to do something you’ve never done before, for example becoming veggie, or going to the gym six times a week, comes with the risk that you’ll hate it and/or never achieve it.

So, my pledges for next year are as follows:

~ Continue to use face masks as a way of looking after myself.
~ Calling or Skyping my family AT LEAST once a week.
~ Completing at least one yoga session a week, whether that’s 10 minutes or an hour.
~ Sticking to a no screen bed time routine 80% of the time.

These are tried and tested techniques now, which I know make me feel better about myself. Sure, I might not become a ‘better’ me, but I’ll stay a ‘content’ me and be a hell of a lot less stressed.

What would you want to carry on with next year, what’s your pledge?


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