Only guide you’ll ever need for a good night out….

We’ve all been there, stuck on a night out wishing you were anywhere but there (and preferably in your bed with a cup of tea if you’re anything like me…).

Having been unfortunate enough to experience this more than once, I thought it about time somebody provided a few tips and tricks to give you the best possible chance of actually enjoying your night on the town. You’re welcome.

DO choose the right people. No matter where you go, if you don’t like the people you’re with, the chances are you’ll have a rubbish time. Choose people who are into the same things and who you want to spend time with.

DON’T overthink it. Overplanning or overthinking the night will make you worry about all the unlikely possibilities, and probably lead you to be a bit of a mess if things don’t go exactly to plan.

DO prepare your bedroom for when you get in. I’m talking, curtains closed, pyjamas out, massive glass of water on your bedside table, you’ll be asleep within ten minutes of unlocking your door.

DON’T take your debit card. Especially if it’s contactless. Unless there’s no other option. You will almost definitely end up spending a fair amount more than you planned (or can afford).

DO dress for the weather. This is mainly aimed at girls. Yes, you in that tiny skirt (or is t a belt) and halter neck crop top. Waiting for taxis, or in a massive queue for the club will not be fun, and blue legs are not a good look.

DON’T be forced into going somewhere you know you won’t like. Some people will just never like clubs for example. If that’s you, why waste £5 on entry just to be miserable? Go to a bar or somewhere else you know you’ll enjoy.

DO embrace getting dolled up! It’s not for everyone, but if you want to go all out, why the hell not? Put some slap on, wear your favourite clothes and shower in glitter.

DON’T fall for the drinks offers. 6 jaeger bombs for £20 is not actually a good idea. You will probably end up drinking all six and ending up passed out in a puddle of your own vomit.

DO have something to eat when you get in. Or on the way home if you fancy a trip to Krunchy Fried Chicken…. Even if you haven’t drunk much, think of all the energy you’ll have used up having a boogy!

DON’T leave the house with the intention to ‘pull’. You will embarass both yourself and the people you are with. You will come across as overly eager and probably end up settling with soemone who you really wish you hadn’t met…. However if on the night you find someone who takes your fancy, hey, you do you!

DO know how to get from A to B. Taxis are notorious for overcharging a desperate, tipsy individual. So try to travel in a group or with at least one other, and have a rough idea of how much the journey should cost you, to avoid paying more than you should.

DON’T over-drink. Yes I now sound more like your mum than a fun loving student. But it stops being so much fun once you blackout and wake up in a strangers house, on a bed of kebabs and half eaten chips, with 483 missed calls from your friends. So just try and have a rough idea where your line is….

DO have fun! Actually take the chance to relax, spend times with great people and dance the night away. Because dad-dancers are really the best out there, let’s be honest.



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