Living in Fear

So I keep trying to write a post. Not on anything in particular, I’m just aware it’s been a while since I actually blogged. But my brain is all over the place at the moment and anything I’ve written seems mediocre at best (actually it’s just pants, no substance, not even dripping with my usual sarcasm).

However recently I’ve been mulling over how I make decisions. It sounds like such a silly thing, but for me at least, almost every choice I make comes with 34935 considerations on what the outcome could be.
~ What will people think?
~ How will I appear to others?
~ Is it worth the money/time/risk?
The more I contemplated my approach to decision making, the more it became apparent that it’s all based around fear. Whether that be a fear of rejection, looking stupid, appearing selfish or vain, wasting money on something I’ll regret – my thought process is all centred around terror, unease and panic.
And unfortunately this leads to me avoiding almost 100% of situations, whether that be social or otherwise.

Is this really the most effective way to lead my life? Does anybody else have some sort of blueprint to follow that they can lend me or a flow chart maybe?
The Grand Scheme.

I believe that the majority of the population, whether they’re aware of it or nor, use their core values to establish a plan of action. Let me explain. So some examples of values include:
There are millions of possibilities! And although you may not be aware of your own, they’ll be there if you dig deep enough!
When you make a choice, you use these values to guide you to the solution which will help you stay true to these values. They’re a compass, a guide, a clue to help you live the life you want.

Next time you make a decision, I challenge you to analyse what helps you come to a conclusion. What are YOUR values? And how are you going to live by them?

No more living in fear. No more irrational anxiety over decision making. No more saying no to opportunities.


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