Ashamed to be a Feminist.


A word which can create arguments in the calmest situations. What is it? Why is it important? Who are these feminists? When did this all start? Is it REALLY an issue?

The modern feminist movement frustrates me. There is a complete misunderstanding that exists throughout both the male and female population. In my humble opinion:

Feminism = Equality of men and women

Feminism is not about man shaming, or about women being the superior sex, but that’s all that so-called “feminists” seem to do. Instead of raising women up, we’re tearing down men, it’s not fair. Actually, in part it makes me feel like women don’t deserve to be seen as equal to our male counter-parts, not if we’re willing to stoop to such a low level.
Acts such as offering to buy a woman dinner, giving up your seat so she can sit down, hell even complimenting a girl on her PERSONALITY seems to have been demonized by “feminists”. It’s all demeaning to women apparently. It can’t just be kind, friendly or thoughtful because it’s a MAN doing it and obviously receiving anything from a man means that you see yourself as inferior to them.

We’ve moved away from the bra-burning era, but I feel like we’ve moved backwards. Feminism is an important issue, the pay gap is proof of that, not to mention the disputes over maternity leave etc. But the point has been lost in all this frivolity, where it’s now trendy to be a feminist.

A Bit of History…..
The Women’s Social and Political Union was founded in 1903 by Emeline Pankhurst, and its members became known as the suffragettes. This for me marks the start of organised feminism. Of course, the ideas existed prior to this, but this community began campaigning in a more systematic way. Their primary aim was to gain the vote for women (this wasn’t achieved until 1918 and even then only for women over 30), a right which so many of us now take for granted. They marched, lobbied and sometimes took violent action in order to make themselves heard, they were imprisoned and ignored, but still they carried on.
I admire their dedication, even if I don’t necessarily agree with some of their actions. Whereas today, I don’t feel there is dedication, it’s almost another fad that could deemed démodé at some point.

So yes, I am a feminist. But disagree whole-heartedly with the way this ‘trend’ seems to be going. It means we’re losing the real message of the movement, and forgetting that there are goals to be met.
Chloe Moretz put it perfectly:

“…feminism for me has always just been about equality: me being worth the same as my male counterparts, but not more than them….”




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