Awkward Turtle

Being social is something we’re all forced to do in life, whether that be through work, school, or just general chit chat with a cashier or hair dresser. How we cope with these situations on the other hand, varies greatly from person to person.

Some lucky people seem to thrive in social situations, like an eager beaver chatting away, swanning through parties taking the time to talk to everyone. They feel at ease, confident and happy. I envy these people massively, the easy nature with which they meet new people, make friends and approach events.

On the other hand, people such as myself cringe at the thought of small talk, avoid unknown situations and break into a sweat at the mere thought of meeting new people. Why do we worry? Well, let me tell you why:
I babble (a lot) and make a fool of myself
I’m annoying, I talk too much, people aren’t a fan of that
I say awkward things, like “did you know a man once tripped over his own beard, fell down the stairs and died…..” (real story though! The hairdresser didn’t find it as interesting as I did….)
I’ll probably fall over
I’m annoying
Do people actually care about my opinion on the weather or politics?
How much info is too much info?
I’m a bit annoying

Maybe it’s something to do with being comfortable in yourself. Maybe it’s a matter of liking yourself and then you’ll believe that others could feel the same. I don’t know why there’s a variation, is it genetics or environmental?
What I’d really like to know is how I can become one of these bubbly, bold, brave human beings? I detest the apprehension I feel when I receive a party invitation, I hate the word vomit that projects from my mouth when I meet new people, I despise my complete incapability to give a good first impression. I’m such an awkward creature.

Any tips to aid my evolution into a fully functioning human would be greatly appreciated. Xo


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