“Spillage is lickage”
“Eating’s cheating”
Just a few of the many phrases which you’ll come to know and love (well probably hate actually)
Whether you’re excited, terrified, indifferent, confused, nervous or full of dread, freshers is going to occur if you’re going to uni and there’s nothing you can do about it.
You will learn that freshers isn’t merely a week, oh no, it is your WHOLE YEAR. Even more so if you decide to join a society.
A few tips for survival:

  1. Do not, I repeat do NOT, buy a wristband. You will attend none of the covered events and neither will the rest of your flat
  2. Have a night off if you want a night off. You will not immediately be labelled a fun sponge, and if you are, those are probably not the sort of people you want as friends anyway…. Having a break just means you’ll be even more fun the next night!
  3. Socialise. Not just with your flat, but with the other people on your course and on your floor. Try not to stick with the same small group, there are thousands of people who then won’t get to appreciate your spectacular self.
  4. Eat. Eating is not cheating and it means you reduce the probability of death (however it does not rule it out completely, you have been warned).
  5. Don’t try and be cool. Trying to be cool is the least cool thing you can do. Also, I’ve found that the majority of people seem to believe that being cool involves smoking, drinking until you vomit, being mean and generally making a fool of yourself. Avoid that.

Freshers is fun. Even if you don’t think it will be. It’s not about getting smashed every night, eating pot noodles and spending your entire student loan (although that loan covers a lot less than you might think….). It’s about meeting new people, enjoying yourself and settling in.
So if you enjoy film nights, do that, or go and play football, or bake cakes……
As long as you don’t break the number 1 rule:
Don’t isolate yourself. 

Stay safe children, go forth and get smashed. Good luck, I’m glad it’s not me…..

Oh, and please don’t let this be you

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