61% of students do not feel prepared for university*

I was most definitely part of that 61%. In fact, the other 39% are just strange. How can they be prepared for such a massive change in lifestyle?!
This little post aims to cover some of the essentials to get buying for university….. Because material goods are much easier to sort out than your unstable mental state.

1) Tea and coffee. An excellent way to make friends, who would refuse a cuppa?
2) Vodka. Same reason as above (other alcoholic beverages are permitted)

Best of both worlds – coffee + wine

3) A needle and thread. No I’m not joking, sometimes clothes will tear, and then who looks like the stupid one.
4) A mattress protector. Let’s not think about who slept in that bed before you.
5) A bottle opener. You’ll be everyone’s bestie in no time.
6) A lighter. Even if you don’t smoke, you will most probably be asked for a lighter more often than a tea or coffee, for some reason, people who like to destroy their lungs, do not have the sense to bring their own – and it’s another way to make friends.
7) A party trick.

Do not bring however…..

  1. Anything expensive. It will be stolen, lost, broken or useless. Well, in most cases anyway.
  2. Your parents. Yes this is a real thing, some students invite their life givers to freshers week.
  3. A plan. It will not be followed
  4. High expectations. Sorry, you’ll probably have a great time, but the pessimist in me must advise to never look forward to anything, for fear of disappointment.
  5. Hopes and dreams. They will be crushed. Immediately.

And that concludes my short list. Follow this when you’re doing shopping and you’ll have zero issues at uni (I will not be held accountable for any problems which arise from those taking my advice).
Coming up next….. surviving freshers.

*survey from the online social learning platform, FutureLearn


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