Brits Abroad

Having just arrived back from a ten day trip to Italy, I thought I’d write a little bit on our holidaying habits (both bad and good).

Obviously the best has to be the food, pizza, pasta, ice cream, bread (basically ALL the carbs). When on holiday, calories don’t count, food tastes better and nothing is off limits. Despite being fairly fussy when it comes to food, I was most definitely satisfied by the Italian diet (minus their obsession with feeding aubergines to vegetarians, I did not enjoy the aubergine sandwich I was given one day).

Exploring is my second favourite thing. I love little towns or villages, with a plethora of little cafes and shops down narrow streets, or discovering cute picnic spots in the middle of forests or next to lakes. I can even cope with the fact that I always get massively lost, because it’s worth it once I find the perfect coffee.


My dad’s hat is an absolute winner. He is a proper Brit abroad. No matter where he is, I can always identify him by looking for his hat in a crowd. Paired with his trainers, stripey ankle socks and swim shorts, he is the most fashion forward man in the mob of tourists. I salute his confidence/complete obliviousness to anything and everything.


Unfortunately I hate the heat. Yes I know most people express this when they’re in England and we’re hit with a “heatwave”, but I don’t like it ever. Everyone smells, I feel unceasingly moist, people don’t wear enough clothes, I can’t walk more than five minutes without wanting to cry, I burn – the list goes on (probably long enough for a whole other blog post).

Sunbathing isn’t fun. And stop trying to convince me otherwise. I do not want to lie still for hours on end, merely to attempt to bronze my unbronzeable skin, surrounded by golden skinned bikini bodied locals. Basically my jealousy combined with my restlessness makes sunbathing the most unappealing activity.

Feeling like an ignorant child whenever attempting to communicate with a local. I can barely speak proper English and I feel so rude when I just expect everyone else to speak English. Why should they learn our language while I remain completely clueless as to their’s. I made the effort to learn a few phrases this year and was rewarded for my efforts by a 10 cent discount on our bill one day when I asked for the bill in Italian – take note people, there is money to be made here!

Travelling. Need I justify this? Cramped spaces, boredom, hunger, delays……

So all in all, I should basically go on a cold holiday, in England, in the shade….. Let the fun begin.


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