Lessons from 1 year of adulting

So, I have officially completed my first year of university (well provided I pass….But that’s a whole other blog post….) and now it’s time to pack up everything I’ve accumulated, which is almost double what I came with oops, and go home for the summer!
I don’t even know where to begin – with regards to both packing and reflecting on the past nine months – because I’ve still not quite accepted it’s over.
So I thought I’d try and think up a few wee lessons I’ve learnt from a year of fending for myself in the big bad world

1) On the whole, people are nice. So if you’re lost or unsure, the majority of people will be willing to help, all you have to do is ask (but this could just be because I’m up North, if you try this in London and end up being ridiculed, do not blame me).

2) Lidl is perfect. Honestly, not just for their prices but the 1kg tub of greek yoghurt they sell is an absolute winner.
Trust me, this stuff is to die for

3) With regards to meals, anything goes. And I mean anything. If all you’ve got left in your fridge/cupboards is pasta, peanut butter and some peas…. well that’s a healthy combination of carbohydrates, proteins and veg if you ask me! I will do anything to avoid a food shop sometimes.

4) Embrace spontaneity. For me it is an incredibly difficult thing, I like to have planned everything at least 3 weeks in advance, so when I’m invited for a cheeky night out or even just a coffee, on the day of said event, I freak out. But some of my best times have been the unplanned, so just go for it.

Just one example of an enjoyable spontaneous night…..

5) Not all lectures are worth it. I probably shouldn’t be preaching this, but I wasted hours sat in lectures about useless topics, while I could have been in bed (like the majority of my year had opted for). Instead I felt an obligation to get my £9,000 worth and go anyway. Regrets every single time.

6) Keeping in touch is hard. Unfortunately, when you’re not seeing your old friends every single day at school and they’ve in fact decided to go and live on the other end of the island, turns out you might not actually care enough to go and visit. That sounds harsh, and it probably is a bit much, but you do realise who your true friends are (cliche I know) because you have to actually make an effort to talk to them (and hopefully they’ll reciprocate this effort)

7) Prioritise YOU. Another thing I’m a bit pants at. I’m not entirely sure what I enjoy or what makes me happy so this is difficult. I can convince myself I really don’t want to go out and get smashed, but watching the snapchat stories in the morning leaves me with a serious case of FOMO and I wish I had gone. But whatever you decide to do, base the decision on what YOU enjoy, nobody else.

Adulting is difficult and I’m definitely no good at it, but hopefully these lessons are just the beginning of my lifelong learning ….. xoxo


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