A bit about me

Hello there chums!
I’m completely new to blogging, blog reading, and putting my chaotic musings into any form of possible coherence, but I think it’s time to jump on the band wagon and give it a go…..
I am by no means a writer, I dropped English at the first opportunity, and pursued the sciences which has landed me studying medicine at university, so apologies in advance for my shoddy writing style.
I’m a 20 year old student, currently at the university of Liverpool. I have had many part time jobs in the past, including lifeguarding, waitressing, barista, carer and a health care assistant to name a few! Can you tell I get bored pretty easily…. (I can’t even sit through a whole film without switching off or going for a wander – I’m useless!)
I have suffered from anorexia and am currently weight restored and working towards a complete state of wellness which I believe is 100% achievable. Despite this, my illness does not define me. It has played a huge role in the person I have developed into, which is why I mention it, and because I may blog about my experiences and thoughts on eating disorders, while they are such a prevalent problem in today’s society.
I love food and cooking (I know, I know both ironic and a bit of a cliche considering the last nugget of information), as well as fashion, history, travel and basically anything you consider to be your stereotypical “white girl” interests.
In this blog I hope to encapsulate a little bit about how I survive life as both a medical student, over-thinker, and general 21st century young adult. Expect rambles, rants and probably some nonsense, with a few gems of wisdom thrown in…..
Hopefully you’ll take the time to maybe read a few bits xoxo


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